Working. Close to finished?


This image is close to completion. The more I look at this piece the more I realize that the human figure is still my main concern. It is what I am most familiar with. The three irregular squares can be read as head and torso.

The use of a framing device is also something I am interested in. Usually a frame defines the edges of a painting and confines the painting to a limited space. By making the frame part of the constructed composition, an element in the support, I am hoping to expand the space of the painting into the viewer’s space. The frame will be an organic extension of the painting.

I am trying to layer the supports, pushing them forward off the wall, and also into the viewer’s space. By doing this I hope to create paintings that can be walked around, viewed from various sight lines, and that also create interference in the normal sight lines. In some ways they might be better viewed, or more fully viewed, by standing off to one side.