Nearly finished.


I feel this painting is close to finished. Some questions remain as to how fine I want the final surface to be. I like the rough application of paint, and I like that the under painting shows through in the way I had originally intended.

I find myself strongly attracted to earth tones – yellow ocher, burnt sienna, and burnt umber which I find an especially beautiful colour. It is for me the richest of browns; placed beside black it is such a deep, moody colour, almost mysterious.

I wanted to introduce my old bright colours into my more recent pallet. And I wanted to separate the two pallets by creating hemispheres of colour, earth tones on one side, my old colours on the other side. I used a central area to bridge the gap, and  the green is made from the cerulean blue and yellow ocher and is meant to ease the discord of the side panels.

I like the simple shape of the canvas and I wonder if a frame would weaken the painting, make it just another of my paintings with a quirky frame? By leaving it simple it would stand out in the group.