Chiaroscuro. By Troy Little.

Troy Little has a great new graphic novel that was released two weeks ago. Chiaroscuro: Patchwork Book 1, is the story of Steven Patch who is “living an introspective life of a twenty something artist: drinking too much and complaining about his situation and doing nothing to improve it.” He has a single blank canvas that he never works on.

It is part comedy, part mystery, and part ghost story. It is a beautifully drawn book and tells an interesting story that ends in mystery while setting up a what I hope will be book two in the series. I really enjoyed this story; my only complaint is I wish I didn’t have to wait for book two. Chiaroscuro is published by IDW Publishing.

New Work at the Guild.


I have an exhibition at the Gallery at the Guild in Charlottetown this month. It is interesting for me to see the work up on the walls. When I’m in my studio it is very difficult to get a good sense of my progress or lack there of. I feel I can see some directions I want to go, and I can see the dead ends which are better left alone.

The odd thing about having an exhibition is that feeling of let down I always get afterwards. I spend a year or more getting the work done, then I go through the work of organizing the show, sending out invitations, press releases, etc etc. And then it’s over, what’s next? Take down the show, edit a few pieces, put the rest in storage until I can maybe sell them, and start making new ones.

I’ve had some good comments, but not the critical feed back which I really need. The problem of living in a small community is we all tend to be nice. Most artists spend so much time in their own heads, we don’t tend to visit one another’s studios, or go to one another’s exhibitions unless we’re friends. Luckily my partner is a good critic. As a writer she can approach what I’m doing from a trained critical vantage point. And I know she’s telling me the truth when she comments on my work. She is also excellent on really explaining with precision her opinion, none of this “thats nice” stuff that I often find myself saying to people. Yes I am guilty of precisely what I complain about!

I often need someone to light a fire under me; get me mad; make me work harder. I have that ” I’ll show them mentality. Not my best trait, and also one of my better ones.