An Artist’s Review. Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew, and Fuller’s ESB.

I enjoyed Fuller’s London Porter so much I decided to try a couple different Fuller’s beers I found at my local beer store. I was unsure when I bought it whether I would enjoy the Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew. I tend to like stronger darker beers, and I have to admit I really don’t like honey all that much.

When I poured it, it was a beautiful amber colour with a medium head. It smelled nice with a faint honey aroma. When I tasted it, I found it to be a weak beer without much character, and the Honey was actually a bit bland for my taste.

Fuller’s ESB or Extra Strong Bitter was more to my taste, and I really loved this beer. It is a beautiful dark brown colour with a strong foamy head. The taste is rich and smooth with a nice aftertaste. As a matter of fact this beer has kind of spoiled me, and everything I’ve tasted since has seemed so weak and uninteresting. The only problem is it doesn’t come by the dozen, and it is a bit expensive.