Long Series #994.



#994 in a Long Series of 12×12 inch mixed media paintings. I have 6 paintings to go. Many of the painting incorporate irregular edges as part of the design.

A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.



This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Beet greens. The beet is an amazing thing, and in springtime there is nothing better than fresh beet greens. The secret is to cook them simply with a bit of garlic and serve with butter and vinegar.

2. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. My kids love to draw on the sidewalk and deck, and these chalks from Crayola are great for hours of fun. Well, a few minutes of fun really, but fun none the less.

3. Cutting the grass. Actually I hate cutting the grass, but every time I cut the grass I realize I’m not shoveling snow, and I despise shoveling snow.

4. Decks. We live in a small house and having a deck doubles our living space during the warmer months. On a warm day a deck is a great place to relax and play. During the colder months when our deck is under several feet of snow we have whiskey.

5. Molson Canadian. I’ve decided to try some brands of Canadian beers that I don’t often drink. I’ve never actually had Molson Canadian before so I tried it, and I liked it. Very tasty.

6. Paint Tube-Wringer. This is a tool that I find essential in my studio. Artist-quality paint is very expensive, and I find this paint tube-wringer is great for getting the last drop from oil, acrylic, and watercolour tubes. It is made of heavy-duty metal and will probably last a lifetime of use.

7. Princess Play Castle. One day when it was raining I bought this play fort for the kids. Actually I bought it for me in the hopes the kids would get in it and leave me alone. Surprisingly, an adult and two small children can sort of fit in it. Also, it’s a great place for an adult to hide in from the children. It seems to be the last place they think to look.

8. Public washrooms at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. When I became a father I quickly found out how valuable a safe, clean public washroom can be, and how scarce they are. If you are visiting downtown Charlottetown the best public washrooms are located at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. They are clean, spacious, and have changing tables, and they are monitored regularly.

9. Taters. Taters is a small restauraunt that makes three things: French Fries, funnel cakes, and lemonade. I haven’t tried the funnel cakes but the fries and lemonade are fantastic. They cut their own fries using PEI potatoes, and they make the lemonade from scratch too. They are located at Peakes Quay on the Charlottetown waterfront.

10. Sensations Caramel-o ice cream. My brother-in-law introduced us to this wonderful ice cream. I don’t know what part I like the best. Is it the great taste of the caramel ice cream or the chocolate covered caramels in the ice cream? I’ll have to eat more to decide.