A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.

Confederation Centre of the Arts.

Confederation Centre of the Arts.

This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. ADL Chocolate Ice Cream. This is a very nice chocolate ice cream. It’s very rich and creamy. This is the 3rd time ice cream has made my list. I might have a problem.

2. Ambrosia Print Rack. I got one of these great print racks a few years ago, and it really was a worthwhile purchase. I use mine for storage, art sales, and exhibits. It comes apart easily and will go in the trunk of a large car or hatchback. It is a beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture made of solid oak.

3. Cargo pants. These pants are not only practical, they look good too. Often my wife says “nice pants” when I wear my old cargo pants, and often people will point as I walk down the street with the pockets of my handy cargo pants loaded with children’s snacks, toys, and diapers. So they really do look great, and get many compliments. Well, they get lots of smiles from strangers anyway.

4. Daniel Smith Acrylic Mediums. I’ve used this product as an acrylic painting medium, and as a glue for collage. It is a professional-quality medium and very affordable. I usually buy the quart, and I like matte more than glossy, but that is a personal preference.

5. Hot Wheels. I loved playing with Hot Wheels when I was a kid, and I love watching my kids play with theirs. It doesn’t take a kid long to figure out these things are practically indestructible, and our house has been the scene of many elaborate Hot Wheels car wrecks.

6. Miter Vise – Lee Valley Tools. I was a picture framer for many years, and I was often surprised at how expensive equipment could be when ordered from the major framing wholesalers. The solution for artists if they want a few tools to do some simple framing is to order from Lee Valley. This vise is essential if you are trying to join wood frame corners. It is a strong, easy-to-use vise that will last a lifetime, and is far less expensive than ordering from a framing supply company.

7. Modern family. Many people recommended this show to us and we only recently started watching it. It immediately became our favorite show, and what we enjoy about it is all the characters are likeable, funny, and genuinely care for each other. It has made me spit laugh a least once in each episode.

8. Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts. As an artist I am fortunate to live in a province that has a Provincial Arts Council. I’ve been lucky to receive grants in the past and the grants helped me explore new avenues in my work. I am also glad when other artists receive grants and produce new work because though I’m a producer of art, I’m also a consumer and viewer of art. More art in all forms make my world a better place.

9. Rubbermaid Litterless Juice Box. With two kids we have tried many different sippy cups and juice cups and this one from Rubbermaid is the best we have ever found. It is easy to clean and you can get replacement straws. We have several in the house and we use them all the time.

10. Woolwich Farms Goat Cheese is one of my favorite things. I really love their goat brie, but they also make a fantastic goat cheddar and goat mozzarella. I like goat cheese almost as much as I like ice cream.