One foot square. Long Series with Christ.

Long Series. Christ.

Long Series. Christ.

Another Long Series painting from box #9. This one shows a image of Christ taken from an old book I picked up at a library book sale that I collaged into the image. There are a couple layers to this image, and I laminated a layer of Tengucho paper over the surface of this painting, and finished with watercolour, gouache, pastel, and pencil.

A cool white. Long Series.

Long Series.

Long Series.

This is another painting that has layers of Tengucho laminated to the surface. Underneath there are cartoons, photos, bits of drawings and text. I finished with thin layers of gesso and zinc white gouache, to create a beautiful cool white surface.

A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.



This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Old Churches. I like old-style churches complete with spires. There is something inspiring about the architecture, and  you don’t have to be religious to sit in a church like St. Paul’s in Charlottetown and still find a sense of peace.

2. Dehumidifiers. We live in an old, small house and buying a dehumidifier was a wise choice. Mostly we use it in the bathroom, and it really helps keep things comfortable.

3. Fire Trucks. I’ve always liked fire trucks, but then again who doesn’t. I like the sound, colour, and they help save lives and property. Little kids love them too. However I once went to a Christmas parade in Charlottetown, and I think every fire truck in Prince Edward Island was in the parade. It was a bit much.

4. Goats. I have days when I think I should buy me a goat. I tend to think of goats as the perfect replacement for dogs. They are smart, useful, well behaved. All the things dog aren’t. You can drink their milk, make cheese from their milk, and you can stick them in the yard and they’ll trim the grass for you.

5. Head & Shoulders shampoo. Strange name, I know, and apparently it’s not just for dandruff anymore. Who shampoos their shoulders? Anyway this is the shampoo I like, because it keeps me from being even flakier than I already am.

6. Kazoos. I remember when I was a kid being in a kazoo band at a music festival. It must have sounded like hell, and though I still hate the sound of kazoos I like the idea of kazoos.

7. George R.R. Martin. I, like many, came late to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga. I first heard of it when reading a list of great summer reads, and so I picked up a copy of Game of Thrones and loved it. I was about halfway through when I heard that HBO was making a series staring Sean Bean, and I thought that sounded great, and it was. I put off getting into the second book, and I’ve started reading it this summer, and it simply is a fantastic book and one of the great summer reads.

7. Parking Garages. Like all islanders I’m willing to drive around the block endlessly just in the hope of getting a parking spot right in front of the place I’m going to. Parking garages are the best solution to a lack of parking spaces and they can look much more attractive than a parking lot.

8. Towns and villages. I like towns and villages, and I hate subdivisions. Towns have a plan, and a personality. Subdivisions have no one around during the daytime. Towns keep the countryside open and limit sprall. Subdivisions get built on farmland and you have to drive everywhere. Towns are beautiful.

10. Rubber boots. I like rubber boots. Sure they make me look like a hick, but then again I probably am. Rubber boots are handy for wet days, snowy days, lightning storms, and digging in the garden. And sometimes they can be very stylish in an I-belong-to-the-Co-op sort of way.