Maybe my favorite colour is really black.

Blacks and grays.

Blacks and grays.

Whenever asked I’ve always claimed red to be my favorite colour, but maybe black would be the better answer. I’m always drawn to paintings that have areas of black in them, and I love using black in my own work.

A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.

This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. ARTnews magazine. I used to read magazines all the time but lately I’ve been reading fewer. This is probably due to the fact that I get most of my news and information online, and also the fact that stores nearby carry fewer interesting magazines. If I had to pick one art magazine I would have to go with ARTnews. I know Artforum has more cache, and Art In America is more in-depth, but ARTnews speaks more to my in tacky inner self.

2. Beach towels. If you are thinking of building a sandbox I can think of no better way to bring sand home than in a beach towel. They are great for collecting tons of sand that you can then sneak back to your home, and if you are lucky you can shake them over the sandbox and your children will think you are awesome. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to start building a sandbox so the sand usually ends up on our living room floor.

3. Beach umbrellas. If you are like me and sun makes you burst into flame or at least burn easily then a beach umbrella is a must. They are also great for meeting new people on a windy day. Just remember to apologize for any injuries that may have occurred due to being hit by a flying umbrella.

4 Fig Newtons. I like to think they are good for me.

5. Medi Touch Vinyl Medical Gloves. I find all kind of uses for these things in the studio. When I’m working with oil, or acrylic paint, or other messy things I always wear a pair. They are also great if you want to play doctor.

6. Nutella. I like to believe it’s good for the kids. Anyway, I do find it makes a great snack for two picky eaters. Unfortunately, my 20-month old loves to paint his head with it.

7. Rubbermaid storage containers. We have a lot of crap so these things are a must.

8. Sand. I like sand, and I think it goes best with small children. In the park it’s great for kids to dig in and fall on. On the beach it’s great for kids to sit in play in dig in, and if the child is young enough it seems to make a yummy treat.

9. D.L. Stevenson Singapore No1. Select Damar Resin. I haven’t bought this in awhile, but I still have a large jar of it in my studio. I dissolve it in turpentine and mix it with stand oil to make a great varnish.

10. Tee shirts. I’ve become a great fan of tee shirts, and I have several threadbare tee shirts with many paint stains that I love to wear whenever I can. I especially like them when the armpits give out. Stylish and air conditioned at the same time.