A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.



This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Bulk Barn. We have several family member who are celiac and as a result we have found the Bulk Barn to be a vital stop when grocery shopping. We buy most of our baking supplies and many other staples here.

2. Glutino English Muffins. The kids love these things and we have to always have a couple bags around. They eat them at breakfast as toast, or we use them toasted at lunch for sandwiches.

3. Hammers. I seem to always want to have something to hit with a hammer. Preferably a bigger hammer than is needed.

4. Brice Marden. I really admire the work of the painter Brice Marden. He is a painter that is always exploring in new directions, and I feel that he is one of those great and lucky artists that is doing his best best work in his later years. His early minimalist works are beautiful and many people probably prefer them, but the flowing ribbons and lines of his paintings of the past several years are my favorite.

5. Oscillating Fans. We keep a fan next to our bed in the hope of a heatwave, or at least warmer weather descending upon us and salvaging the summer that never was.

6. Razor blades. I always have a large supply of razor blades in my studio. They are great for scraping oil paint off my glass pallet. I tend to like one-sided safety blades the best as I have sliced my fingers open many times handling double sided blades.

7.Stainpro Cotton Canvas Drop Cloth. I love these great drop cloths. I use them as drop cloths, of course, but I also use them for painting. There is usually a seam in the larger cloths, and I either cut around the seam or incorporate it into my design.

8. Stevenson’s Oil paint slicks. I recently started using the oil sticks that have been sitting in my studio untouched for at least 6 years, and they are still fresh and beautiful to draw and paint with. I really like Stevenson artist paints.

9. Storm drains. I’ve been thankful for our storm drains this year during our intense, monsoon-like rains. Though our street has often looked like a river lately our yard has not been submerged.

10. Udi’s Classic Hotdog Buns. The local Sobey’s grocery store recently started carrying this brand of gluten-free bread, and my wife really likes their hot dog buns. They taste almost like the real thing and can be used for all kinds of sandwiches.

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