A Wednesday List of Ten Things I Like.

Rumour Mill.

Rumour Mill.

This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like, listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Art In The Open. Jane and I were lucky to be participants in Art In The Open with our Rumour Mill, and we had a great time. We were in Rochford Square and the crowds were huge and enthusiastic! Congratulations to the organizers, the artists, and the many volunteers who made it all a wonderful experience.

2. Back to school. When I was a kid there was nothing I hated more than back-to-school time. Oddly, now that I have a kid starting kindergarten I’m excited about back-to-school! Does this make me a bad parent? Or does it mean I’m just like every other parent with a kid going back to school?

3. Hilroy scribblers. Everyone had them, everyone scribbled or doodled on the covers, and some people kept them. I loved getting new scribblers, and I loved destroying them at the end of the school year. I would stop at the first garbage can I came to and rip them up and throw them in and walk away a happy kid.

4. Ketchup packets. A couple of weeks ago my daughter looked at me and said, “We should order some of those little packages of ketchup that I like so much… and maybe some of the nice fish and french fries that go with them.” So we ordered fish & chips and the ketchup that goes with it.

5. Lunch boxes. When I was a kid most lunch boxes had pictures of the Fonz on them. They were made of tin and never seemed to stay shut. Now they are often made of high grade plastic, come with freezer gel packs built into the lid, have forks and knives, and might possibly have hidden compartments that I haven’t found yet. They stay closed to the point of being very hard to open, and come in all sorts of colours.

6. Paderno frying pans. We have many Paderno products at our home, and they get used most days. The large Padeno frying pan we have is fantastic. It heats up very nicely and is very heavy. Because some days you need a heavy frying pan.

7. Soft toilet paper. I’ve been told many times not to buy cheap toilet paper, and then last week someone… not me… bought some toilet paper… I usually buy 2 ply, but this stuff could best be described as 100 grit. Anyway, lets just say it’s a bit scratchy and my advice to you is never buy cheap toilet paper.

8. Summer nights. Can there be anything better than a beautiful summer night? We had one the night of Art In The Open, and it was great to be outdoors enjoying the evening, and looking into the sky watching the stars.

9. Thermos. I remember having an old thermos that was so large I practically had to drag it to school, and it had a glass interior that didn’t make it through its first year. Now you can get a thermos any size you may want, from the feeds-20 grand size to the I-need-a-shot-of-whiskey size. Life is so much easier.

10. Zits. Pretty much the only reason I still read our local paper is this great comic strip. If they ever drop this comic strip I’ll probably cancel our subscription.

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