A Wednesday List of Ten Things I like.

This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like, listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Cheese graters. It’s amazing how many things are better with a bit of cheese grated on top. I suppose the type of cheese is also important, but it seems that the fun is in the grating. At least as far as our kids are concerned. As soon as the cheese grater comes out the kids start fighting over who gets to use it, and then they start eating the grated cheese even before it goes on the food.

2. Fold up tables. I have a fold up table in my studio, and it’s amazing how useful it is, and how much junk can be piled up on top of it. It’s even more amazing how much junk can be piled up under it.

3. Mustard. I don’t like mustard on everything, but there are somethings on which mustard is essential. A ham sandwich wouldn’t be as good without mustard, and a BBQ steak wouldn’t be as great without a marinade of mustard, red wine, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and oil.

4. Needle nose pliers. I can’t live without needle nose pliers. I’m always dropping things if they are very small. The needle-nose pliers are great for holding small things like needles, or bolts, and for picking things up after I drop them.

5. Notes. I often write notes to myself, telling myself to do things, like buy note paper, or be somewhere, sometime, somehow. I sometimes make the mistake of jotting notes down in unlikely places, such as phone books or on the backs of things that I’m about to throw out. I have in the past written them on walls or desks, but never on my palms or arms. I hate being asked to take notes, and will go to great lengths to avoid any kind of event or meeting in which I might be asked to take notes. I’m not a big fan of sticky notes, and I’m more of a crumpled note in pocket sort of guy.

6. Rocking chairs. Nothing is as soothing to children and adults alike as a rocking chair. They are best on a sun porch.

7. Soap dishes. I actually have a love-hate thing with soap dishes. I need them because if I don’t have them our soap flies around the bathroom as though it’s something that has been lathered in soap. Which it is. I hate them because soap dishes get oddly dirty…with soap. Then the next thing you know, you’re getting out soap to clean the soap off the dish, and it’s an endless vicious circle of soap and soap scum. If someone could invent a self-cleaning soap dish I would be happy.

8. Shop Vacs. Strangely, the only vacuum we have is a shop vac, and it is a great thing to have when vacuuming up stuff in my studio, or glitter, and junk that my kids have strewn about like pixie dust.

9. Tape measure. Sometimes I get an overwhelming urge to know how long something is. How long is the couch? 82 inches! How high is the ceiling? 9 feet! A tape measure is an essential household item when strange obsessions strike.

10. Walnut drawing ink. This is a great ink from Daniel Smith Art Supplies. It is lightfast and durable. Also beautiful.