That Strange Feeling Of, “What’s Next?”

October Studio Morning.

October Studio Morning.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Actually it’s been a busy five years when I really think about it, and after an intense period of activity I find the breaks that sometimes occur can be deflating. “What’s next?”, always comes to mind after an exhibition or a big project, and I can find myself adrift. The exhibition Assembly Lines opened on October 22, at the Confederation Centre Of The Arts, and it was an exciting time for me. But as with all exhibitions there is always a bit of a crash afterwards, and I find myself thinking, “okay now what?’

I find it always helps to start work on another project. Just jump right back in and see what happens. I decided to apply for an artists grant, and that’s kept me busy all week. I’ve received support from The Prince Edward Island Council Of The Arts in the past, and with those grants I feel I’ve been able to mature as an artist. The Prince Edward Island Council Of The Arts support has meant that I’ve been able to focus on my work, and go in directions I’ve always wanted to explore.

What’s next? I guess I have to keep on working, and I have to apply for some more shows. I have the work and materials, so I’ll be putting stuff together to send off to artist run centres in the region. I’d like to work with a curator again, and I found the experience very rewarding. So…back to work.

Studio In October.

Studio In October.

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