A Wednesday List Of Ten Things I Like.



This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like, listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Bike Racks. Our town has made some efforts to provide bike racks so that people riding bikes won’t have to leave them in the middle of the sidewalk. They still leave them in the middle of the sidewalk, but we do have lots of nice bike racks. Now, if we could only have some bike lanes, please.

2. Drums. There can be no sweeter sound that a small child banging on a drum. It’s so sweet it makes me want to give something as equally kind to the person who gave them to us. Wind chimes maybe?

3. Finish (finished). For an artist there can be no better feeling than knowing something is finished. Finish can also be the quality of the surface of a painting, and each artist has their own sense of finish they want to achieve. I like a rough finish.

4. Grids. I’ve always found paintings based on the grid interesting. I’ve a couple paintings with grids in my studio at the moment. They are still in the early stages and the grids will probably disappear under layers of abused paint, but the ghostly remains of the grid will probably show through in some form.

5. Hot chocolate. A great drink for the cold weather season. Our kids love hot chocolate, and so do I. Especially with marshmallows…and a wee bit of rum…but not for the kids…they can have the marshmallows though.

6. Mini Chests. It’s not what you think it is. It is a set of drawers for storage of materials or supplies of an artistic nature. I have several and they are full of stuff I almost never use. The stuff I use is either on the floor or on a table. But they are great for putting stuff in, and one day I might look in one and see what I kind of strange junk I’ve kept. And I’ll ask why?

7. Rockport shoes. I’ve always had bad luck with shoes. I suppose it’s because I’ve never been one to take good care of my shoes. I also tend to walk a bit funny and one shoe tends to wear out faster than the other. A couple of years ago I bought two pairs of Rockport shoes at the local outlet, and they’ve been great, and they are still in good shape. Even though I don’t take care of them and I still walk funny.

8. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Eric Bogle is probably the greatest anti-war song ever written. My favourite version is by The Pogues, and it’s one of those songs that can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

9. The IT Crowd. To call this show subtle would be an injustice – it’s more of a brick through your window kind of comedy – but it has a great cast, and is brought to you by the creator of Father Ted. It’s really funny and has lots of laugh out loud moments. You’ll feel slightly dirty after watching it though…in a good way.

10. Zinc White. I use zinc white probably the most of all the whites. It is a clean stark white, and I often use it straight out of the tube unmixed with any other colour. I will often drag it across the surface of other colours and let the ghost of what’s below show through.