The Soundtrack Of My Day.

I used to listen to music all the time when I painted, but now that I have kids I find I listen to music less. It might have something to do with my enjoying moments of silence more than I used to. Of course silence is now rare and therefore more precious to me.

This week I’m going to try and get back to listening to music while I work and I’d like you to help me pick an album to listen to tomorrow. Please vote for the album of your choice.

2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack Of My Day.

  1. since I got older I struggle to find silence ever. Even in the dead of night when I wake i can hear a faint humming sound like a car engine running in the distance. It drives me nuts, I search round the house trying to identify it … in vain, and no one else in my family can hear it!
    London calling by the way!


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