“I Saw Secret Arrangements…” Week 1 Painting.

"I saw Secret Arrangements..."

"I saw Secret Arrangements..."

A few days ago I asked people to help me name this painting, and the method I chose was to ask people to pick up the book nearest to them, and turn to page 52, and read the first line of the second paragraph. I was surprised how great some of the results were, and I think I’ll use this method again.

The title I chose came from fellow blogger destructivetestin. I liked this line the best because I’m a huge Leonard Cohen fan, and few people can write a line like Mr Cohen.

“I saw secret arrangements in high offices”

‘Leonard Cohen Poems and Songs’

Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets

5 thoughts on ““I Saw Secret Arrangements…” Week 1 Painting.

    • We saw him here in Charlottetown at the start of his recent world tour. He performed at the Confederation Centre Of The Arts in a theater that holds about 1500 people. He was amazing, and great with the audience, funny, and he was having a great time. Best show I’ve ever seen!


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  2. Ah Cohen! “…the fools, they locked up the wrong man….”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I looked at some of your work for sale and appreciated it. I also like how on this blog you are honest about your work and the process of painting. I wonder if you sense the power in some of your works. I suspect some of it passess you by. I would really suggest a long look at Tapies work if you are not already familiar with him, as I think there are connections…. may your work continue to grow and bless people with beauty.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I am familiar with, and deeply admire Tapies, and I should delve deeper into his work. As for my work I view my blog as a studio diary, a record of my daily process, hopes, fears, and the endless little things that come into my head as I work.


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