A great story about the Wednesday Idea book give away experiment. Really made my day

accretions of stimuli

So, as you may know, I started this morning with an idea I picked up from Painter’s Progress to give away an art book. I decided upon a really lovely book of the work of painter/sculptor Wayne White. The following images detail the progress of my attempts to GIVE AWAY a REALLY NICE BOOK!!!

So, first I was planning to follow Stephen’s idea of leaving the book somewhere public for someone to pick up. I had not planned on documenting this, but an opportunity arose, where I could leave the book on the public stairs outside my office and photograph the scene from the window above:

Many people passed by, some looked, but nobody picked it up. There was a note on the book that said FREE – Please take this book. (I decided not to leave my blog address on the note)

Then I decided that it was…

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Daily Studio Photograph. March 28, 2012.

March 28, 2012.

March 28, 2012.

It is a day with heavy clouds that are making everything dull and uninteresting. I’m going to have to find some more reflective surfaces so I can experiment some more. I feel my photos are a bit uninspired the past few days. Here’s to the sunshine, may it come again!

A Wednesday Idea Crazy Or Otherwise.

Early Long Series.

Early Long Series.

I had been doing a Wednesday List Of Ten Things I Like, but I began to feel it was getting stale, and I was running out of things I liked. I find that as I work I’m always coming up with ideas for art projects, and while some are good some are a bit crazy. So my idea this week is…

Not an original idea at all but it’s something that appeals to me. I will take an arts related book from my collection (not one that I will miss) and leave it in a public space for someone to find. Maybe I’ll leave it in a cafe or on a bench, but I’ll leave it in the hope that someone will find it and possibly read it. I might place a note with it so that whoever finds it will know they can take it.

Does anyone want to follow this idea as well and let me know about it?