A great story about the Wednesday Idea book give away experiment. Really made my day

accretions of stimuli

So, as you may know, I started this morning with an idea I picked up from Painter’s Progress to give away an art book. I decided upon a really lovely book of the work of painter/sculptor Wayne White. The following images detail the progress of my attempts to GIVE AWAY a REALLY NICE BOOK!!!

So, first I was planning to follow Stephen’s idea of leaving the book somewhere public for someone to pick up. I had not planned on documenting this, but an opportunity arose, where I could leave the book on the public stairs outside my office and photograph the scene from the window above:

Many people passed by, some looked, but nobody picked it up. There was a note on the book that said FREE – Please take this book. (I decided not to leave my blog address on the note)

Then I decided that it was…

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    • Yes it has become like that. Are you still interested in the box? It’s going to Clay Smith next, and then It could go to you, and then it could come back to Canada for me to finish.


      • Hi Stephen
        yes I am still interested (though need a reminder on how it works) i hope you won’t be put off by my slowness in getting a postcard to you, I keep destroying them! Working on a new one today which I have almost finished but now I need a day to decide whether it is just too simple!


      • Here is a description of the project.
        The box will contains paper, materials, and instructions. The artist I’m sending the package to can work with the material to create marks, drawings, collages, writing, or whatever they wish to contribute. After a period of time the artist may pass the package on to other artists to work on. Eventually the package with the material will be returned to me, and then I will complete the artworks as I choose.


      • I’ll be delighted when the card arrives. I know what you mean about waiting. Sometimes a painting has to reveal itself.


  1. Good tale…I’m reminded of the old Chris Burden piece where he stuck ten (?) dollar bills on a palm tree outside his studio one morning and set a camera to record the results. Of course hardly anybody took one…that as he said “proved that people dont believe money grows on trees”


    • Now that’s funny. I wonder if people knew they were being watched, and expected something to happen if they pull money from the tree? I know a barber who glues coins to the sidewalk in front of his shop as a practical joke, and spends the day laughing as people try to pick them up.


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  4. There’s a restaurant in Baltimore that has pennies embedded in the floor. Every time I’ve been there I’ve had to fight the urge to bend down and pick them up. I’m a compulsive coin picker-upper. Your barber would laugh himself to death over me….


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