A Wednesday idea. Crazy Or Otherwise.

Long Series Grid.

Long Series Grid.

I find that as I work I’m always coming up with ideas for art projects, and while some are good some are a bit crazy. So my idea this week is…

Another spring cleanup idea. Take several straight tree branches that are about 2 feet long and cut one end so that it is pointy. Paint the tip of the point a bright colour, and paint the blunt end of the branch pink. The idea is to make the branches look like colour pencils. The stick should have bark on it, but it’s okay if it doesn’t. Place the sticks along a walking path or in a public area in the hope that someone finds them.

Does anyone want to follow this idea as well and let me know about it?

13 thoughts on “A Wednesday idea. Crazy Or Otherwise.

  1. yes, the series all up together like that is fabulous. And strangely, seeing them tiny like that makes some of the individual pieces look more detailed.


  2. I’m still working on the previous ‘stick’! That’s working in oils for you…oh and being quite dilatory too… However I shall post next week when its been relocated back to the woodland it came from.


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