A Wednesday Idea Crazy Or Otherwise.

Long Series Stack.

Long Series Stack.

I find that as I work I’m always coming up with ideas for art projects, and while some are good some are a bit crazy. So my idea this week is really simple because spring has arrived and I’m enjoying the simple pleasures of being outside, and so I’m behind on a couple of my own ideas.

Make 10 to 20 paper airplanes and hang them in a tree or trees, and leave them there in the hope that someone will find them. Photograph the event if you can. If you wish to do the idea let me know how it went.

8 thoughts on “A Wednesday Idea Crazy Or Otherwise.

  1. Nice idea! I would suggest something more durable than paper though, especially here in rainy and windy Ireland! I was at a restaurant recently that was built around a tree. The tree was walled off with glass and hanging from it were lots of colourful tea cups. It looked magical!


    • That sounds beautiful. I might do that too. It’s rainy and windy here on Prince Edward Island. Probably why we are mostly of Irish and Scottish descent. Reminded the early European settlers of home.


  2. love this! I had to remove the painted stick from the little tree yesterday. It must have had a growth spurt and the string was getting tight…airplanes (or teacups!) ought to be a good replacement.


  3. I can’t get up in a tree (on crutches for several more weeks) but I think I’ll get up on a rooftop and take video of them flying over the street!!! Also, there should be messages or artists’ quotes written inside…right?!


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