Jack Bush. Is he overdue for a retrospective in Canada?

Plainly Painting - David Manley

A while back I posted a Mali Morris photo from her show at the Ikon in Birmingham in the 70’s when I worked there for five years.  Today I’m finishing off another watercolour for the Deadly Delicious series but between times also doing a little sorting, archiving and throwing out.  I embarked on a really long term archiving project  a while back…digitising all my slides, domestic and professional, and it’s quite a task!  However I think I’ve pretty much completed my slide files from the Ikon days.  Sadly I didn’t keep all of them but only a couple from each show.  But its interesting to look at them on screen again.  This is one from the Jack Bush retrospective we showed (I think it toured to several UK venues).  I don’t think I’d really registered him at the time we took the show – but when the work arrived and…

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Daily Studio Photograph. May 20, 2012.

May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

It’s a green day today. What am I doing? Cleaning! I spent the morning taking chairs and tables onto the front deck to be washed, and it’s kind of scary how hard it is to get chocolate milk off of things. I also did a quick run through in the studio and filled two bags to be recycled. Fun time in the spring.