Scully Nuggets

I love this image of Scully.

Slow Muse

Two from Sean Scully:

The power of a painting has to come from the inside out, not the outside in. It’s not just an image; it’s an image with a body, and that body has to contain its spirit. A painting, really, is made by its reason for being there. What’s behind it decides everything. It’s not just a question of attrractiveness or correctness; it can’t be fixed afterwards or by additions. How it starts will define how it ends. So it’s the weight of the intention that defines everything.

My paintings talk of relationships. How bodies come together. How they touch. How they separate. How they live together, in harmony and disharmony. The character of bodies changes constantly through my work. According to color. The opacity and transparency of how the surface is made. This gives it its character and its nature. Its edge defines its relationship to its…

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5 thoughts on “Scully Nuggets

  1. Delighted to find this post. Have always loved his work and was thrilled to meet him at a show in New York. To me his works are powerful and timeless much like the Stonehenge monuments in the UK.


  2. Thanks for this…I had the honour and privilege of organising Sean’s first ‘retrospective’ at the Ikon in 1980…at the ‘fulcrum’ point between the early grids and minimals and those works like Araby that signalled the beginning of his mature style. Back then you couldnt but be in awe of his aesthetic integrity and clarity – you just knew he was going to become a towering figure in abstraction. He’s gone on to be one of the most influential painters of his (or several other) generations!


    • Okay Now that’s a story I’d like to hear. You should do a post about that period. He really is one of the best painters that I can think of. The thing that is often overlooked is that he’s also an excellent photographer.


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