Daily Studio Photograph. June 17, 2012.

June 17, 2012.

June 17, 2012.

Sometimes a book, interesting though it may be, is written in such deadly dull prose that it can’t help but induce sleep on the unwary reader. This is a book about documents in Canadian art that I’d like to finish reading someday. Do you have a book that you want to get through but can’t?

10 thoughts on “Daily Studio Photograph. June 17, 2012.

    • Good point, but sometimes you just have to be ready or in the right frame of mind to read a certain type of book. Today I felt like reading something by Robert Hughes but I have nothing at hand.


  1. The ONE book I really wanted to finish but never did was Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I’ve ready books just as long before but this one was just hard for me to get through. Finally gave up after 15 years.


    • I’ve always really enjoyed long books. When I really love a book I’m always sad when I finish. I’ve always had a big problem with Canadian literature which I find very boring.


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