Daily Studio Photograph. June 21, 2012.

June 21, 2012.

June 21, 2012

Me reading a book about Terry Frost. Have you ever heard of him? I don’t think he’s well known in Canada, and I wonder if he’s still remembered in the UK? Good artist though.

6 thoughts on “Daily Studio Photograph. June 21, 2012.

  1. Hi Stephen…Terry was one of the great characters of UK painting…I remember him berating a gathering of Art school (mainly University Depts. now) bosses not long before he died about the state of British Art school teaching as we entered the 21st century saying that ‘students’ were anarchic and disruptive individuals and ought to be allowed to be so. He knew this because as he said “I taught quite a lot of the little ‘ba****ds in this room today”!

    His work is out and about in quite a few places, Tate St. Ives of course as he was one of the key figures in that phase but also in quite a few of our regional museums – I’ve seen works in Sheffield, Rugby and Lincoln recently.

    And as Richard says Anthony is a very talented painter too, in the vein of his father perhaps, but more rugged and impressionistic. But for me young Luke (the grandson) is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent colourists anywhere nowadays. Check him out @ http://www.lukefroststudio.com


      • I don’t think so…I assume it was the Porthmeor studios that look over the beach just along from the Tate…but I don’t know for sure. Those studios have seen some action over the years (and I think Heron and Frost may have used them years back) but in his later years I’m pretty sure Heron had a studio at his home – Eagles Nest -just outside Zennor – a few miles on from St. Ives. Where Terry worked I don;t know but I don’t think he’d been resident in Cornwall for a long time.


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