Long Series #1168.



This painting has been in my work pile for a long time, and it’s a mixture of different papers and materials. As I was working on it I struggled to keep the paint from slipping on the papers strangely glossy surface. An interesting experiment that got away from me and it’s another one for the pile.


3 thoughts on “Long Series #1168.

    • There are several ways to show the work in an exhibition, one way is a large grid on the wall, and another is as a large stack of paintings in a vitrine.
      Here’s a link to my last exhibition that shows the stack. https://sbmacinnis.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/a-video-walk-through-long-series/
      The stack is not about the paintings I don’t like. It’s just that there are so many it would be hard to display them all. I’m not too sure why this painting doesn’t grab me. Could be I was hoping for something else.


      • Wow, the video is great. Now I understand the stack and why you don’t get time for larger works. Your works are larger works too. Very impressive! Like you I love working in squares but nothing near as impressive as yours. As a body of works they are truly outstanding.


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