Groups. An Exhibition.

DSCF0002DSCF0013DSCF0004DSCF0014DSCF0005DSCF0012DSCF0016DSCF0018DSCF0020DSCF0024DSCF0025DSCF0026DSCF0027DSCF0035DSCF0037DSCF0031DSCF0039DSCF0043Today I remembered to put fresh batteries in my camera and I went down to the guild to take some shots of my exhibition. Unfortunately I forgot that I’m not a very good photographer and so I’m sorry for the poor quality of the images. The show is over and I’m taking it down Monday, and I guess I’ll have to start thinking about what’s next. I always like the new year. It is like a new beginning.


10 thoughts on “Groups. An Exhibition.

  1. Congrats Stephen! The exhibition looks great – lovely work!! The space is really nice too from what I can see in the photos. YAY! Yup – new year looming, and buckets of snow falling … time to hibernate and ponder, and work out new things … best to you.


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