For many years my day job was as a picture framer, and then when we had our first child we decided I’d stay home with our daughter while my wife went back to work.

I’ve always intended to go back to work, and the problem is deciding what I want to do when the time comes. I think I’d like to start some form of a small business that combines picture framing, and so I bought my first piece of serious equipement. A logan mat cutter. Next I need a saw…and framing supplies.

When my son starts school in two years I hope to be able to set up some form of framing business that is aimed at other artists…a framing consultant who helps other artists get their exhibitions ready.

5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

  1. Stephen, my job while I was an art student was at a framing shop (very useful). The shop I worked at had a “do-it-yourself” section where, for reduced rates, the shop employees would show you how to make your own frame. We would do the mats, cut the glass and the frame parts, and show the customers how to nail them together, fill in the holes, put everything together, put on backing and hardware….never sure if it wasn’t actually more work that way, but the clients loved it (most of them).


    • I was a framer for almost 20 years, and I left to stay at home with the kids. Now that my youngest is getting a little older and will be in school in a few years I’d like to get back into framing on a small scale. Mostly framing more of my own stuff. I think every artist should learn a bit about framing. It’s a great skill to have.


  2. Sounds like a great idea – but I’m with Catherine too in hoping that there would be a good balance for you, so you would still be spending a good chunk of time making art (it’s a tough one!)


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