Long Series #1236. The UK Box.

Long Series #1236.

Long Series #1236.

Back in December 0f 2011 I sent a box of material to the United Kingdom. I had asked several artists to work on my Long Series paintings, and the first artist to work on the paintings was Donnalee Downe in Cardiff Wales. Donnalee is an artist from Prince Edward Island, and at the time she was working on her Masters degree in Cardiff Wales.

After Donnalee the box was passed to Rachael PinksAndrew ParkinsonDavid Manley, and Clay Smith. Andrew Parkinson mailed the box back to me, and though I’ve looked at it many times I’ve only this week started to work on it myself. I’m enjoying the collaborative process, and the box is full of surprises. Many are almost done, and some are interesting puzzles that I’ll have to think about a bit. The painting above is I believe mostly by David Manley, and I’ve added a bit, but I’m not sure who else might have worked on it.

Thank you to these generous artists for participating.


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