Lets Make A Trade (completed). Long Series #130.

Long Series #130.

Long Series #130.

A few weeks ago I offered to trade a painting  for another artist’s work. I was so happy with the results I decided to make another trade. I was glad to have another successful trade, and this painting is off to the UK to the artist David Manley.

Over the years I’ve put together a nice little collection, and many paintings are on my walls. Each year we rehang our collection, and it’s interesting to see how our taste and interests have changed. Most of the work we have is figurative or abstract, and lately I’ve been more interested in abstract or nonobjective art . We only have a couple landscapes, and a few paintings of flowers. Most of the work that we have is of modest scale, but we have works in many different media.

This is #130 from my Long Series, and it is 12×12 inches mixed media on paper. I would like to trade it for a work of roughly similar size, but I am open to interesting offers. Would you like to trade?

6 thoughts on “Lets Make A Trade (completed). Long Series #130.

  1. Hello Stephen,

    If you were interested I’d love to trade it for one of my FTEW series…There’s about forty of the five five in the set available – they are all online to look at…


  2. Hello Stephen,

    Sorry I just picked this up, for some reason (probably me!) I’m not getting the alerts on comments at the mo…I will sort out a FTEW painting as soon as I get back from Italy on April 6th…email me direct with a snail mail address…

    Looking forward to your painting! Like you we’ve quite a collection we swapped and traded and bought over the years…finding space to put them up gets harder and harder…


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