Lets Make A Deal. Long Series #510.

Long Series #510.

Long Series #510.

Every now and then I like to trade with other artists.

Over the years I’ve put together a nice little collection, and many paintings are on my walls. Each year we rehang our collection, and it’s interesting to see how our taste and interests have changed. Most of the work we have is figurative or abstract, and lately I’ve been more interested in abstract or nonobjective art . We only have a couple landscapes, and a few paintings of flowers, and I really have lost interest in the landscape. Most of the work that we have is of modest scale, but we have works in many different media.

I would like to trade this painting for something of a similar scale. It’s a mixed media on paper 12×12 inches, and it’s an early piece from my Long Series (#115) of paintings. So would you like to make a trade? If so leave a comment and we’ll talk.


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