Long Series #1308. With part A & B.



A few days ago I was looking through the listings of open calls on WOOLOO.ORG when I came across an announcement for 6x6x2013. It’s a fundraiser for Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), and it looked like fun so I decided to do a piece for it. I believe I first heard about it last year from Andrew Parkinson.

I decided to do a Long Series painting that could be worked into the formate of the show. All the pieces for the event have to be 6×6 inches, and my Long Series paintings are all 12×12 inches. My solution was to make a painting of two parts.

Parts A &B

Parts A &B

I mailed the 6×6 inch piece to the event, and the larger 12×12 painting will stay with me, and is in the storage box that I store my Long Series paintings in. There is a hint on the larger painting that says “fill the void.”

The smaller part B is a stand alone painting, but it is also a piece of the complete painting. I’m hoping that if someone buys the painting they might contact me and I’ll send them part A of the painting. The painting can be displayed as shown.

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