Have you met…Tom Climent?

An introduction can be a wonderful thing. You can meet interesting people, and make new friends. You can be introduced to your new favorite foods, books, music, or artist.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite artists. Some of whom I’ve been familiar with for years, and other I’ve only recently been introduced to.

The artist I’d like to introduce is the painter Tom Climent

artificer-transducerwebsiteArtificer Transducer: Oil on canvas, 144×103 cm

Irish painter Tom Climent produces paintings of figurative, urban and landscape subjects, sometimes referencing the history of painting in his works. His most recent work tends to focus on the creation of a structured space, while investigating the boundaries between abstraction and representation.

These investigations are performed using paint. As traces of memories and feelings accumulate and overlap on the canvas, construction and deconstruction become active tools in the creation of his paintings. His work reminds us of how our spatial ability becomes spatial knowledge as we navigate our world and with this knowledge we create a place for ourselves.


Kempelen: Oil on board, 24×19 cm

‘ Tom Climent can create spectacularly dramatic paintings. With a characteristic and impressive use of chiaroscuro, areas of darkness are counter-balanced by vibrant colour. For him, the process of painting is both spontaneous and meditative, informed by his knowledge of art history yet not constrained by it. His art speaks directly to the emotions of the viewer, and avoids the predominant preoccupation of postmodern practice, such as irony, repetition, or references to popular culture.

Climent’s intense colour and intuitive composition remain a constant in his work, as he continues his exploration of  the richly rewarding interplay between his subconscious emotional world and the physical process of painting.’

Alannah Hopkin


Undersky: Oil on board, 33×24 cm

‘He is an innately good painter and a fantastic colourist,’ declared Cork gallerist Nuala Fenton in 2005. ‘His work is developing all the time, which makes him all the more interesting to follow…There is a real sense of energy and drama about his work, but there is also something very emotional about it and it’s very subtle.’ Fenton was right to note how Climent’s work is still developing as he continues to discover his own potential. Recent paintings tend to possess an architectonic quality. No longer a young artist, he continues to dazzle with his painterly pyrotechnics.

Robert O’Byrne

Previous solo shows include Between Chance and Rhyme at The Hunt Museum, New paintings at the The Fenton Gallery, A Light Enters the Landat the BlueLeaf Gallery, Pure at The Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dust at the Garter Lane Arts Centre, Hansels House at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dancing Parade at the Triskel Arts Centre, M.A by Research at the Wandesford Quay Gallery, and most recently Final State at the BlueLeaf Gallery, Dublin.

His work has been shown over the last few years at Art Miami, Art Toronto, Art Chicago & Art London.

He is a recipient of the Tony O’Malley award and Victor Treacey award.

His work is in the collections of The Irish Central Bank, The National Treasury Management Agency of Ireland, University College Cork, University College Dublin, Smurfit Business School,  AIB Bank, The National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland, NCB Stockbrokers, The Cork Opera House, Cork City Council, The Irish Office of Public Works, Cork Institute of Technology, and private collections in Ireland, UK, Spain, USA & Canada.

Other material relating to Tom Climent.

‘Final State’ Tom Climent.

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