Have you met…Brian Edmonds?

An introduction can be a wonderful thing. You can meet interesting people, and make new friends. You can be introduced to your new favorite foods, books, music, or artist.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite artists. Some of whom I’ve been familiar with for years, and others I’ve only recently been introduced to.

The artist I’d like to introduce is the painter Brian Edmonds, and he was recommended to me by Paul Behnke, and Sabine Tress.

A Darker Dark 12 x 12 in. Acrylic and pastel on canvas. 2013

A Darker Dark
12 x 12 in. Acrylic and pastel on canvas.

Artist Statement
“My work is focused on exploring the surrounding environment with gesture, pattern, and mark making. I am influenced by the landscape and all that it encompasses. That being said I am not a landscape painter only an artist that is intentionally/unintentionally influenced by its geography, history, and design.” BE

The Great American Empire 2, acrylic on canvas, 16x20 inches, 2013.

The Great American Empire 2, acrylic on canvas, 16×20 inches, 2013.

Brian Edmonds is a Huntsville, Alabama based painter.
His work can be found throughout Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Other material relating to Brian Edmonds.

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