Long Series #1365.



With this Long Series painting I folded and creased the paper as I worked on it. I poured paint into the folds and let it run, and bleed.

3 thoughts on “Long Series #1365.

  1. I am very interested in what you are doing here. Coincidentally, we seem to be exploring some similar themes and methods just now.. I like what happens when you pour the paint down the creases. Have a look at my recent folded ‘drawing’? I will do my best to post what I did with it if I can get a decent photo of it this morning. In one sense it is not at all the same, and in another, very similar. I envy your use of colour in the ground, having taken now to using only white in order to more exploit the neon-colour spread effect – an obsession all of my own, no doubt.


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  3. We do seem to be working on the same idea, and I like your results too. I think also I was thinking about some photographers who were using crumpled paper as a subject. With mine I like how I lost control as the paint bled and skipped down the crease.


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