Have you met…Julie Alexander?

An introduction can be a wonderful thing. You can meet interesting people, and make new friends. You can be introduced to your new favorite foods, books, music, or artist.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite artists. Some of whom I’ve been familiar with for years, and others I’ve only recently been introduced to.

The person I’d like to introduce is the artist Julie Alexander.

Spin me 2013 Water media on fabric 12" x 14"

Spin me
Water media on fabric
12″ x 14″

Artist Statement.

“My paintings and drawings are straight forward material layerings. They are lines and scrubbings and movements. My process is full of intention – I appy, I scrape and erase, I make a statement and negate it.

A seminal image for me, buried in my childhood, is one that never existed. It contains a weathered fence, a fence post, unkempt grasses, dankness, discarded and rusted bits of past ideas but also sunshine and wild freshness. There is so much for me in that image ranging from the personal to the political: my tendency to solitude, my need to connect to a landscape, a distrust of suburbia as a way to organize ourselves, a desire to bridge the constructed gap between humans and nature, excrement and Ajax.

But I am a walking contradiction waiting for redemption – that sweet spot between two halves of a dichotomy where this is in conjunction with that. I am sparkling cannon fodder.” JA

Blossom yellow 2012 oil on canvas 36" x 36"

Blossom yellow
oil on canvas
36″ x 36″

Julie Alexander lives and works in Seattle Washington.

box with blue arc 2012 mixed media on cardboard

box with blue arc
mixed media on cardboard

Other material relating to Julie Alexander.

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