Have you met…Bridget Fahy?

An introduction can be a wonderful thing. You can meet interesting people, and make new friends. You can be introduced to your new favorite foods, books, music, or artist.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite artists. Some of whom I’ve been familiar with for years, and others I’ve only recently been introduced to.

The person I’d like to introduce is the artist Bridget Fahy, and she was recommended to me by David T. Miller.

All Night In Oil on Panel 50cm x 50cm x 4cm

All Night In
Oil on Panel
50cm x 50cm x 4cm

These paintings are abstract seascapes.
“Combinations of surface marks with the experimentation and creation of new textures and the constant play between elements of colour, line, shape and form have become distinctive characteristics of my work. The surfaces of my paintings are reworked and scraped back, marks are buried and rediscovered. A gradual process of layering and accrual is applied, always allowing the traces of the paintings construction to be revealed.” BF

Submariner's Sunset Oil on Panel 40cm x 40cm x 4cm

Submariner’s Sunset
Oil on Panel
40cm x 40cm x 4cm

Bridget Fahy was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1973. she lives and works in Kisonerga, Paphos, Cyprus.
1990 – 1994  Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting, Limerick School of Art & Design. Ireland.
1993 –  Exchange Art Student at Kingston University, London.
1996 – 1997 1st class Honours Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Education.
1997 –  Ceard Teastas I Gaelige

Lost in the Harbour Ink on Paper 80cm x 80cm

Lost in the Harbour
Ink on Paper
80cm x 80cm

Other material relating to Bridget Fahy.

Artist Website: Bridget Fahy.

Ahtcast: Bridget Fahy.

ArtSlant: Bridget Fahy.

Saatchi Online: Bridget Fahy.

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