Friday evening studio photograph.


I’m building a display table for my Long Series paintings. This is a test to see if it will stand, and to give me a rough idea if it’s going to look something like what I have in mind. The legs will have cross supports. There will also be a plexiglass cover, and I’ll probably paint it black.

5 thoughts on “Friday evening studio photograph.

  1. It has only just occurred to me…but the Long Series has some superficial relationship to old album covers…and this is kind of an album box that you used to get (and sadly there are very few left here in the UK) in old record shops…


  2. David i think you’re right! I’ve been aware of a certain relation to record album covers, and I’ve even used a record in one of the paintings. The 12×12 size is the size of a cover. I’ve had this idea for a presentation case in my mind for awhile, and maybe it is a memory of crawling through the record stores when I was younger. it was a favourite Saturday activity time of mine, and the record stands did look like this. I might have to explore this further.


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