Long Series #1387 ABCD.

#1386 A side

#1387 A side

A few days ago the painter David Manley commented that a table I was building as a display case for my Long Series reminded him of the tables that used to be found in record stores. Then he drew my attention that the 12×12 inch size of my paintings related to the dimensions of record albums.

#1386 A

#1387 A

I was aware of the record album connection before as I have used a record in one of the paintings.

#1386 B side.

#1387 B side.

As one of my rules for the Long Series is that I should try as many things as I can I decided to fool around with the idea a bit and see where it went.

#1386 B

#1387 B

#1386 C

#1387 C

#1386 D

#1387 D

The end result is a painting with four sides. Two of which are enclosed within the album cover.


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