Painting Too – 3rd to 24th November 2013

I am very happy to be included in this exciting exhibition. Thank you to David Manley, and the HMS organization for making it happen.

HMS programme

The exhibition is now ended.  See a short video here…

p1110642-to-p  (to -P), 2012   Terry Greene

When I came to cast ‘The Discipline Of Painting’ it was clear that current abstraction is in rude good health…and not only in terms of a more formalist response.  At some point in my deliberations Andy Parkinson suggested that I make contact with Terry Greene (whom we both knew through his blogs) and that Terry might be up for exhibiting some work at the Mill. So I set to rejigging the programme to squeeze in a second painting show.  Of course ‘The Indiscipline Of Painting’ was a title already taken (my show being a tongue in cheek riposte to that) so another title was required.  I toyed briefly with one or two ideas around the notion that this show (Terry himself suggested it be a group exhibition) would concentrate on work that…

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