Can you say sesquicentenial?


The back of the panel.

Stephen B. MacInnis The back of a panel.

I was recently rewarded a commission from the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts to create a series of paintings for the  2014 Sesquicentennial Public Art Program

A project administered by the PEI Council of the Arts with financial support from PEI 2014 Inc. received under their PEI 2014 fund.

23 Island artists, one for each Father of Canadian Confederation, have been commissioned to create unique public art works, ranging from dance, to theatre, to visual arts and writing, all in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference.

Explore the site, learn about each project and artist, and follow along as each project comes to life.

What is he building in there.

Stephen B. MacInnis What is he building in there.

For my sesquicentennial art project, I proposed to create a series of twenty-five 12×12 inch  paintings called the Canada Suite. The works will be largely abstract or non-objective in nature, and will incorporate various forms of and images from Canadiana such as maps, emblems, stamps, post cards, and colours relating to Canada. This Suite of paintings will be part of my Long Series of paintings.

Things to do while working.

Stephen B. MacInnis Things to do while working.

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