Sunday night work pile.


I’m moving stuff around in my studio as we prepare for some home renovations. So I must figure out what to do with my work in progress pile. First thing to do is  mix the pile up a bit. See if anything is almost done, or actually done. Mostly it is just rough stuff that might someday be finished Long Series paintings. I’m kind of proud of my large pile.

Artists Questioned? What are you listening to as you work?

Phillip J. Mellen, "as yellow as certain days" 12" x 12" acrylic and house paint on canvas 2014.

Phillip J. Mellen, “as yellow as certain days” 12″ x 12″ acrylic and house paint on canvas 2014.

All artists have questions they seek answers to. Sometimes they ask themselves the same questions over and over again, and sometimes they seek out friends and mentors who provide answers to their questions. If you ask the same question to several people you will most likely get several different answers, and then it is up to you to select the answer that is best for you. So the question is…What are you listening to as you work?

Ruth Marsh: “Lately I’ve been listening to Head Hunters – Herbie Hancock, and Brian Eno & David Byrne My Life in the Bush of GhostsAnd also the CBC, as always! Q and Ideas! Oh, and of course As it Happens. Sometimes it’s necessary to have silence. I find if I don’t have any outside distraction I can handle silence; the radio and music are great for focussing attention away from multiple sources onto one thing.”RM

Phillip J. Mellen:  “I have recently made a music mix, titled: Songs for Rockwell Kent. Maybe it’s the romance in it all? Some of these songs span over a decade. While listening, I am reminded of the prettier side of the painting struggle. Some of these songs are timeless. I am doing something timeless, no? Painting.

I often change the lyrics in my head. Sometimes I sing along. Some of this music makes me show my teeth as I sing. No so much anymore. These new/old songs are prettier. More smiles and more, well, more prettiness. It’s a poetic experience listening to this music. It enhances my experience while painting. It makes it’s way in. My mind and my paintings. The surrounding environment is important to me as I paint. The mind is important and is just as much an environment. The studio is a mess, but not inside myself. It helps me clear things and preps me for painting.

I’m after the same things in my paintings. It pushes me, and also can slow me down. Making music is a creative process, too. It’s all about process. For me, music is a big part of it. I conduct my work. This may be a collaboration.

Some of the musical artists on the mix are: Joanna Newsom, Dirty Three, Anni Rossi (early), MW Ensemble, Zoe Keating, Rachel’s, and Mountain Man.  Thank you!” PJM

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