Artists Questioned. What is the most unusual space you’ve ever shown in?

Lucy Hogg

Lucy Hogg

All artists have questions they seek answers to. Sometimes they ask themselves the same questions over and over again, and sometimes they seek out friends and mentors who provide answers to their questions. If you ask the same question to several people you will most likely get several different answers, and then it is up to you to select the answer that is best for you. So the question is…What is the most unusual space you’ve ever shown in?

Lucy Hogg “The strangest place I ever showed my work in was the cafeteria at the Malaspina College (now called Vancouver Island University)in Nanaimo, B.C, in 1994. Their actual gallery space was too small to show the work, a 13′ wide painting. Lisa Maclean (who teaches there) suggested the cafeteria, so I thought, having just shown the work at the Vancouver Art Gallery, that this would be the demotic antidote. I don’t think the students liked it that much. The painting eventually found a happy home, now hanging over the bar in a restaurant in Washington DC that a friend of mine, James Alefantis, owns. The art institutions host their events there, so the audience is right. The last time I saw it it was necessary to spot clean what seemed to be some dried ketchup. it is a very resistant painting.” LH

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If you have a question you’d like answered please let me know. If it is interesting maybe I’ll use it.


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