Have you met…Fran Shalom?

Horseplay 2014 oil on wood 16 x 16"

Fran Shalom, Horseplay
oil on wood
16 x 16″

An introduction can be a wonderful thing. You can meet interesting people, and make new friends. You can be introduced to your new favorite foods, books, music, or artist. I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite artists. Some of whom I’ve been familiar with for years, and others I’ve only recently been introduced to. The person I’d like to introduce is the artist Fran Shalom.

Scuttlebutt 2014 oil on wood 18 x 18"

Fran Shalom, Scuttlebutt
oil on wood
18 x 18″

Montclair State University, M.F.A. – Painting
New York Studio School
San Francisco Art Institute, M.F.A. – Photography
University of California at Berkeley, B.A.
Bard College

Untitled 2013 oil on wood 12 x 12"

Fran Shalom, Untitled
oil on wood
12 x 12″

“I am a modernist abstract painter with a pop sensibility. My works balance the formal with the playful, paring down shapes and ideas into their most basic forms. It is a search for clarity and humor, as is evidenced by the shapes and colors in my paintings: cartoony, bright, blobby. But, like life itself, there is an undercurrent of conflict beneath the whimsy, as reflected in the tension and interaction between the shapes. Ultimately, it is important that the viewer becomes involved with the paintings, tempting them to stay long enough with the images to connect to a narrative that is at once ambiguous yet taps into the specifics and subtleties of their own lives.” FS

Fran Shalom is represented by the John Davis Gallery in Hudson NY? She will be showing work there in October 2014.

Go-Between 2012 Oil on Wood 11 x 14"

Fran Shalom, Go-Between
Oil on Wood
11 x 14″

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