25 Envelopes.


Who doesn’t like a surprise? I’ve filled 25 envelopes with a number of items. Each contains 2 long Series paintings (12×12 inch mixed media on paper), 1 Dirty $30 Painting (6×6 inch mixed media on paper), a couple sketches, and one unfinished Long Series painting.

The unfinished painting is a collaborative project that I invite you to complete. I have signed the back and when it is finished let me know the date of completion and I will assign it a number and list it as a finished work.

The long Series is an ongoing project of over 1500 (to date) 12×12 inch mixed media works on paper. They are collages, drawings, and paintings. It is my intention to complete 10,000 works in this series. This is a fundraiser to allow me to continue my project and each envelope is priced at $250 CDN plus $10 postage ( Canada and United States only, I will have to charge more for overseas).

wpid-20150207_122323.jpgThe work that I placed in the envelopes.


If you are interested in purchasing an envelope please contact me at sbmacinnis@eastlink.ca

Payment can be made by PayPal or check, and if you are in the United States I would recommend using PayPal because of the strong American dollar.


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