A Manifesto of sorts. That moment when you say screw it and do what you want.


There comes a time when you should do the things you want to do. Sometimes these things can be completely new territory, and sometimes these things can be revisiting old ground. In my case I reverted to older ways of working. I have gone back a bit and started over. Can’t explain it, and I can’t predict the future, but I think I’ll do what I want to do.

What have I been up to.


So its been a while since I’ve posted anything and a lot has changed. I came to a point where I needed a change or maybe a visit to old ways. I needed to tell visual stories again. Maybe I painted myself into a corner with abstraction and had run as far as I could with my Long Series project.

After the election of Trump I really felt shocked and I felt a need for the return of the figure and a narrative in my painting. I needed satire, humour, horror, history and any other number of ways of expressing myself.

Somehow I ended up exploring the portrait and in this case punk portraits…just because.

and you can see more of my recent work on Instagram


Anna watercolour 11×14


Sam watercolour 11×14


Jane watercolour 11×14


Stephen watercolour 11×14


Siigoun watercolour 11×14


Youudin watercolour 11×14


Michael watercolour 11×14


Michelle watercolour 11×14

You can see more of my recent work on Instagram