What have I been up to…picture frames.

Other than being an artist one of my few marketable skills has been as a picture framer. I worked in or ran picture framing shops for over twenty years before I decided to become a stay at home dad.

Four years ago we added an addition onto our small home and one of the things I wanted was a nice basement space that I could use for a picture framing workshop. Slowly I’ve been trying to add tools and a few pieces of equipment to the workshop.

Here are a few examples of framing projects. I guess I should develop a business plan and start advertising if I want to grow my business. Maybe in the new year.








One thought on “What have I been up to…picture frames.

  1. These are really beautiful!! YES, you should develop a plan to market this talent 🙂 … I would imagine there are LOTS of people in Canada who would love to have a cherished artwork in a custom-made frame! (and I happen to know an independent retailer in Alberta who would likely love to carry some standard sized handmade frames for her customers! (Just sayin’ …. !)


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