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Stephen B. MacInnis lives and works in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, where he was born and raised.

A painter, for the past several years he has been working on a long-term project entitled Long Series, a series of over 1,300, 12×12 inch mixed media paintings. It is his plan to complete 10,000 paintings in this series.

The Long Series is primarily mixed media on paper. Each piece is constrained to roughly 12×12 inches. Within the series the exploration of drawing, painting, collage, and unusual materials such as tape, objects, and found papers are exploited. The use of accident, contrivance, simulation, and collaboration with other artists and the public have also been utilized. The project explores the effects of a long-term project on the development of a personal iconography. Certain marks such as cross-hatching, stains, ink rings, decoration, and scribbling are intentionally carried throughout the series. Because of the length of the project, when a new mark or idea occurs it is often developed into a series within the series and explored to completion and then moved on from.

Stephen works prolifically in an almost mass-production manner, with several hundred Long Series pieces in progress at any time. From pieces with early simple marks, to pieces heavily worked and nearing completion, the work piles up. Each day, Stephen selects one or two and finishes them.

The progress of the Long Series has been recorded online in a studio diary called Painter’s Progress in which he records the daily activities and interests of a working artist.


42 thoughts on “Artist’s Bio

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Just came by happenstance..and glad I did…I want to respond to your exhibition that I saw the night of “The Outsiders play” (worked well together)wanted to tell you that I do care that you are painting, but don’t care what you paint. Standing in front of one of your paintings…it was red…and deep, lotsa paint, with broad stoke movement…and I felt how totally frightening it must have been for you to start painting like this and i thought “Stephen has given birth to two children this past year” !

    Great site..not half thru it yet so will come back. Will also share it with CJ. Relucktantly left my Jenn Grant cd with her…and now she figures her and Jenn are on a first name basis since they spend so much time together!!!!

    Check out are you a Neil fan? Laura Lee


  2. Hi ,Stephen. You are a great artist. I enjoy looking at your paintings. I once had a dream of taking up Fine Arts in college but I ended up in the medical field. But as they say once your an artist, you’ll always be an artist. Stunning work.


  3. How wonderful to “meet” you Stephen! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, cuz after you found me I was able to find you…and I am really enjoying your artwork and even more so enjoying what you share of your personality! Your studio pics are quickly becoming a regular morning jaunt of mine 🙂
    Sending good vibes,


  4. Thanks for “liking” one of my posts Stephen, it’s always nice to know there are people actually watching! I enjoyed what I saw here while I poked around a little. I’m always a bit envious of prolific artists. I have too many hobbies to fit everything in…

    Take care!



  5. When you press the like button it takes me to your gravitar but it doesn’t have any reference to your blog so I could never respond. I didn’t connect you in your hat with this blog. Now I have to go back and put the hat with this blog! It could be my ignorance with wordpress or you may need to somehow have your blog website under your gravitar picture. as I say it could just be me.


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  7. Hello Stephen! Thank you for “liking” the work on my blog. It’s so good to see your work here – I love the patterns in your paintings. Also, growing up in Maine I was able to visit Nova Scotia and loved it. I never made it to Prince Edward Island, sadly. I lived on an island off the coast of Maine for one summer a while back and currently I am re-doing some of the work I did there. I hope you’ll come by my blog again to check out the “island” paintings when I post them. I look forward to seeing more of your work too. Wes.


  8. Hi Stephen,
    it’s great to see your artwork on here. I love the bright colors and compositions. And I find the theme Long Series very interesting making the same size pieces over a longer stretch of time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful paintings and giving a glimpse into your studio and the art books that inspire you. I’m also drawn to abstract art, but sometimes it feels to me like swimming without knowing if there is a ground underneath at all.


    • Thanks Emily I appreciate your thinking of me. I’ve been meaning to put a award post together, and today I saw Cath Rennie’s and she’s given me some inspiration about how to do it.


  9. Hi – I started with you a long time ago and just am catching up (lost you somewhere along the way) Your readership has sure grown… Congratulations. Do you have plans for a show of the completed Long Series. what an exhibit that would be!


  10. Hi StephenI I absolutely LOVE this series. Such beautiful work. You’ve inspired me. I have 7 small pieces on paper. Each 7.5″ x 7.5″ that I made recently. They felt lonely and unfinished. Then I happened on your series through Kimberly Rowe and I know what I want to do with them! I want to do my own long series. So much discipline it must take and I don’t know if I can do as an amazing job as you have but, I’m going to try. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to purchase a piece from you to put on my wall and remind me of my intentions.


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