In 1983 I Wrote Something Down.

In 1983 I picked up an office ledger and decided to keep a record of my work. Why did I do this I find myself wondering, and what is it about me, that causes me to keep lists and archives? Anyway all I know for sure is that I’m glad my younger self decided to do this. Over the years it’s actually come in handy to have a record of my work, and I still like to flip through it to see what I was up to way back when. It’s surprising how much of the work I can remember.

What I do is record the date, title, medium, and give each piece a number, and also on the back of each artwork I record the same information. Today there is just one space left in this old ledger, and almost 3000 pieces of artwork have been recorded. Today I will fill it up, and tomorrow I will begin again with a new ledger. I wonder how long it will take to fill the new one?