From start to finish. Painting.

The painting process begins when I have completed the drawing, and cleaned up the surface of the painting. I erase any marks that might have been left over from corrections in the drawing.

I usually begin by painting in the background first. The sky and ground are blocked in, and then I begin working on the figure and other little details. The pattern on the dress I drew in with a silver paint pen. Most of the watercolour will resist the silver paint, but I will go back and touch up any areas that the paint might have  covered.

A painting begins with a drawing.


I always start a watercolour with a pencil line drawing. The paper I’m using is Arches 140lb cold pressed watercolour paper.

At first I lightly draw in the central area of the composition, and then begin to add elements to the foreground, background, and sides of the of the composition. I like to add random elements, and often have action taking place just off the picture plane. These elements that you can only see a fraction of often point to the center of the drawing.

Mystery is a big part of an interesting painting for me. I like to tell just enough of the story so the viewer is free to add to, or completely change what the painting is about. Keep in mind I also will probably have no idea what the painting is about. As it goes forward the painting will change in meaning and intention.