What would you rather be?


Everyone has thought about what they would like to be in their lives and careers. Artists are no different. We all dream about what level of success we’d like to achieve in our careers. So I thought it would be interesting to put together a career poll for artists.

Some Blue, Some Green, And A Little Bit Of Pink.

This painting has a problem. The parts that I like don’t relate to the whole. I like the thin bands that separate the pink, green, and blue colour fields, but I find they are too noticeable, too distracting. It feels as though two separate paintings are competing for the same space. It might be easiest to just get rid of the parts I like. Any suggestion?

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That Strange Feeling Of Losing My Way.

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Sometimes when I’m working it feels as though I’ve wandered off the path and have lost my way. This is normal and I think it’s an important part of the process. I just keep working, and sometimes I just backtrack a bit and then it all seems to make sense again. I’m back on track.