Long Series #1042.

#1042.I seem to have grids of dots dancing in my mind, and I like the patterns they make. There is a bit of everything in this one. The paper is acid free, but rather light and humble feeling. There is, watercolour, ink, collage, rubber stamping, and bic pen. I like how the square and rectangle seem to be tumbling.

Long Series #1041.

#1041.This is an example of what might best be called a controlled accident. The large swath of yellow is  a splash of paint that landed on a drop cloth while I was working on my walking stick project. I used sheets of paper to clean up the dripped paint. I then used a cloth to spread the paint across the paper in what appears to be a casual way. The painting combines collage, ink, watercolour, gouache, and household paint. I used a special fine line drawing pen to draw the fine white lines.

Biggest Fan And Harshest Critic.

Biggest Fan. Harshest Critic.When I was taking the photograph of this painting my 2 year old son was busy commenting about what he liked. Mostly he seemed impressed that I was very messy. He also liked the part he called the rainbow. I like how his shadow becomes part of the painting.

Long Series # 1035.



I feel this is a simple painting that in some ways transforms into a landscape. I like the open area of white, and I feel it gives  a lightness to the composition.

Meanwhile Somewhere In Wales.

Somewhere in Wales a friend is wondering what has she gotten herself into? I’ve sent a box of material to the United Kingdom and invited artists to participate in my Long Series project. The first stop was to a friend in Wales, and sometime this week another friend is picking up the box and taking it home to Derbyshire. After that I have a couple of other artists who have expressed interest in the project. I have no idea what people will do, or what kind of marks they will make. Here are a few studio shots from Wales.

When the box comes back I will add my own marks if necessary and record the paintings in my records. I’ll be very interested in seeing the results. I’ll probably keep the box intact, and when I exhibit the work I’ll describe the process, history, and participants.